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H. I. T. - 5

You Have To Come To Me

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A H.I.T-5 Fan Community
Greetings and welcome to the H.I.T-5 livejournal fan community!


We're still under a bit of construction, but we are slowly getting back to our feet! Let's make this community blossom, shall we?

MEMBERS (in order of joining)

Guo Ziyu "Herry" : Leader, Rapper, "Earth" member

Yang Fan "Fan" : Second vocalist, "Water" member

Duan Huangwei "David" : vocalist, "Gold" member

Dong Yufeng : Second vocalist, "Wood" member

Gao Yu "Kido" : Lead dancer, "Fire" member

1. NO bashing/arguing/fighting/meanness/etc. etc.
2. If someone is kind enough to offer something, leave a comment in thanks.
3. Search tags before asking for things.
4. Have fun. :D

-If you would like to donate anything, like a fancy bio layout, feel free.I just made the community and am trying to get it back running again after school attacked our lives.

- Thank you so much resplandor for your generous donation of our current layout theme ! <3

-Added note : If you do have a layout to submit, please PM moyashii :D I'll review the layout and apply the HTML ASAP. <3